Can I keep my current phone number?

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Of course you can keep your current phone number(s)! That's one of the advantages of fax in the first place - the number never changes. Bring as many local phone numbers (DIDs) and toll free phone numbers (TFNs) as you like when you sign up. The process of redirecting the numbers away from your current carrier to us is called 'porting' a telephone number and we can port most DIDs and TFNs into our service. We'll just need you to complete a small "Letter of Authorization" form and return it along with a copy of a phone bill showing that number is presently yours. You can find more detailed information about LOAs and the porting process on our Porting Guide. The porting process usually completes within 15 days. In the meantime, we'd be happy to provide you with a temporary phone number so that you can get ready to receive production calls.

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