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FaxTalk offers three Windows-based T.38-enabled fax server products: FaxTalk Fax Center Pro, FaxTalk Multiline Server, and FaxTalk Messenger Pro. All three are configured as shown in this guide. Read More


1. Signup for a Free Trial!

1. Sign up for a Free Trial account here: Free Trial Signup


2. Installation

During the installation process, if you'd like to start over you can exit out of the installation wizard and restart from the beginning. Run the installation wizard and follow the prompts as necessary until the Connection Method Selection window pops up. From the Select a modem to use with FaxTalk dropdown menu, choose Select a T.38 Internet Fax Connection.

Once this option is selected, the window will show the additional option to change the name of the trunk. You can leave this as the default value of "T.38 Internet Fax" and click Next only once.

The next screen is the Connection Query. Do not click Next until the Status bar is fully loaded and in the Results panel you see that Class T.38 support detected.

On the Answer Settings page, change Answer the phone after: ... rings from 2 to 1. Click Next.

On the Fax Settings page, set your Fax Number to your T38Fax trunk ID created when you signed up for a trunk. The text in the CSID field will usually be added by your recipients to the top of your faxes. Most numbers, letters, and symbols are usable in this field, up to 20 characters in total. You may want to set this to your company name or a unique identifier for your device, but here we've used our trunk ID again. Click Next.


3. Configuration

Although we've set up FaxTalk to use T.38, we still need to connect it to the T38Fax trunk. Open your FaxTalk application. From the menu bar, select Tools Options.

The FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro Settings window will appear. From the sidebar, select Connection, then highlight your T.38 profile created during installation, and click Properties.

The Connection Settings window will appear with several tabs. In the Local IP tab, change the Use Sip ... Port field from 5060 to 5080.

Click the Remote IP tab. Enter the following information:

Configuration Option Required Value
Name : T38Fax SIP Trunk
Host name or IP address : sip.t38fax.com
Port : 5080

Click the Fax tab. In the Transmission options section, check all three boxes:

  1. ✅  Enable Error Correction Mode (ECM) support
  2. ✅  Enable High Speed Compression (2D) support
  3. ✅  Enable High Speed Compression (T6/MMR) support

Click OK until you're out of the Settings window.


4. Troubleshooting

Once your server has been configured, ensure it's registered. At the bottom of your screen, the second box from the left should say Waiting for call. If it says Not registered, ensure you have disabled SIP ALG on your firewall and contact support.

If you need to restart the application, closing out using the X symbol or selecting File Exit will not fully stop FaxTalk: it is still running as a service in the background. To restart or stop the service, open Windows' Services application and locate the FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 10 service (or otherwise appropriately named software based on your FaxTalk product and version number). Right click it and from the drop-down menu select to Start, Restart or Stop the service. Here we've chosen Restart. This may take several seconds. You do not have to reopen the FaxTalk application window after doing this.

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