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Minimum Version Notice

Please ensure you have installed FaxMaker version 20.5 (build 20220828) or higher.

Configuration supports the GFI FaxMaker fax server when paired with the SR140 fax driver. Our Power-T.38 SIP trunks are officially certified for use with Dialogic SR140. Click below to download the official configuration guide.

Download SR140 Config Guide

After following the SR140 config guide, you should be able to receive faxes and make outbound faxes using SR140's included trunk test tool. However, sending faxes through the FaxMaker, such as via email, requires one additional change. The following registry entries should be added on the GFI FaxMaker server:


This key allows the FaxMaker's outbound calls to work with T38Fax. This key is mandatory and must be added exactly with the value above.

UseSenderFaxNumber: your choice (3 is a good default)

This key allows you to set your users' outbound caller ID on a user-by-user basis instead of all users sharing one caller ID number for the whole system.

See GFI's CLIP Customizing the CLIP and TSID Values of Outbound Faxes article for instructions and more options.

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