Porting in local numbers (LNP Port-In)

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To initiate a port order with T38Fax, please fill out our Letter of Agency (LOA) form for local DIDs or toll-free numbers (click to download the appropriate form). Instructions are included on the first page of the form. Please make sure the form is signed and dated by the Authorized User.
In addition to the signed Letter of Agency (LOA), "Proof of Ownership" documentation is required to submit a port order. To establish valid Proof of Ownership of the numbers you intend to port ("porting numbers"), please provide:
A Copy of Bill (CoB) from your current provider showing:
  • statement date within the past 30 days
  • the porting numbers
  • service address of the porting numbers
  • company or authorized name
If the CoB does not list the porting numbers, please provide additional documentation to establish Proof of Ownership. Examples of supplemental Proof of Ownership documentation are listed below:
  • A Customer Service Record (CSR) from the current service provider.
  • A screenshot of the current provider's account portal showing:
    1. the porting numbers
    2. account number
    3. additional information to link numbers to the CoB
  • A letter or email from your current service provider dated within the past 30 days listing the porting numbers and verifying ownership

Fax completed forms to 215-461-4090, or scan and return by email to either the address in the LOA form or your sales representative.

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