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GXW4200 Series FXS Gateways

The Grandstream GXW4200 series FXS gateways offer from 16 up to 48 FXS ports. All of the ports can be serviced by a single T38Fax trunk at once, or you can use some of the ports for your fax and some to provide standard voice service through a PBX.

Models: GXW4216v1, GXW4224v1, GXW4232v1, GXW4248v1

NOTICE: v2 Gateways have not yet been interop certified!

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Update the Firmware

Before you begin, ensure that your device is on the latest firmware release. Firmware Version or higher is required. This guide assumes that you have configured the device's network settings as required by your network topology.


General Settings

1. Select "Profile 1 - General Settings" and configure the following option:

  • Profile Active: Yes
  • SIP Server:

Save & Apply your settings, and then move on to step 2. See the screenshot below for reference.

Grandstream GXW4200 - Profile 1 - General Settings


SIP & Fax Settings

Navigate to "Profile 1 - SIP Settings - Basic Settings" Configure the following options in that menu:

  • Register Expiration: 5
  • Local SIP Port: 5080
  • Use Request Routing ID in the SIP Headers: Yes.

Navigate to "Profile 1 - SIP Settings - Security Settings" and change the following setting:

  • Accept Incoming SIP from Proxy Only: Yes.

Grandstream GXW4200 - Profile 1 - SIP Settings - Basic Settings

Navigate to "Profile 1 - Fax Settings" to to ensure the following options specific to fax:

  • Fax Mode: T.38 (Auto Detect)
  • Send Re-INVITE after Fax Tone: Yes

Grandstream GXW4200 - Profile 1 - Fax Settings

Navigate to "Profile 1 - Audio Settings" to enable a few more fax optimization settings at the bottom of the page. Set the following:

  • Jitter Buffer Type: Fixed
  • Jitter Buffer Length: High
  • Disable Line Echo Canceller: Yes

Grandstream GXW4200 - Profile 1 - Fax Settings


Call Settings

Next, under "Profile 1 - Call Settings" set the following options:

  • Disable Call Waiting: Yes
  • Disable Call Waiting Caller ID: Yes
  • Disable Call Waiting Tone: Yes

Grandstream GXW4200 - Profile 1 - Call Settings


FXS Ports

Now that our device has been configured properly, add the associated account details. For the purposes of this guide, we'll be using the following DIDs to demonstrate how this will work:

  • 18043027000 (Primary DID, used for SIP Registration)
  • 18043027001 (Alias assigned to primary DID)
  • 18043027002 (Alias assigned to primary DID)

Navigate to "FXS Ports - Port Settings" to input our account details and register this account to one of the FXS ports. (We used FXS1 in this example).

  • Under "SIP User ID", enter your primary DID.
  • Under "Authenticate ID", enter your primary DID.
  • Input your SIP Account Password in the "Password" field.
  • Give it a name and assign it to the Profile you used above. (We used Profile 1 in this example.)

Save & Apply settings. See below for an example.

Grandstream GXW4200 - FXS Ports - Basic Settings


FXS Advanced Settings

Finally, navigate to "FXS Ports - Advanced Settings" and see below for an overview on configuring this area:

  • Add the primary DID to the associated FXS Port (In this case FXS1) in the "Request URI Routing ID" field.
  • Set FXS1's "Hunting Group" to "Active"
  • Add each additional DID to it's own port, putting the full 11 digit DID in the "Request URI Routing ID" field.
  • For each additional DID, set the "Hunting Group" to "1" (The port of the active registration.)

See the screenshot below for an example:

Grandstream GXW4200 - FXS Ports - Advanced Port Settings

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