Netgen: HX404E Smart ATA

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Netgen HX404E

The NetGen Smart ATA® HX404E is an ATA that not only offers the service provider a high-function voice-fax ATA with FXO capability, but also includes patented technology (US patent 9,094,419) that finally makes FoIP calls as reliable as PSTN fax calls. This model supports up to 4 fax machines.

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Please upgrade your firmware to the newest version available. The minimum required version is v.351. See the "Upgrade Guide" found in the firmware download package for each release from Netgen for the procedure for upgrading your ATA.


SIP Basics

This guide assumes you've accurately configured the device for access to your network, and are looking to link this in directly with our SIP Trunking service. To begin, you'll need to setup the regiatrar's server under the "Basic - SIP" section, where you'll configure the following options:

  • Local Signaling Port: 5080
  • Registrar Server:
  • Registration Expiration: 300

Netgen Basic SIP Configuration


Basic FoIP configuration

Next, select the "Basic - FoIP" section. Here you'll need to configure several options:

  • Max Fax Rate: 14400bps
  • ECM Mode: True (Checked)
  • Packet Size: 30ms
  • Signaling Redundancy Level: 5
  • Image Data Redundancy Level: 2

Netgen Basic FoIP Configuration


Line Configuration

Navigate to the "Line - Configuration" section and configure the following options for the port in which you'll be using:

  • Auth User Name: SIP Username
  • Registrar Password: SIP Password

Netgen line Configuration


Fax Machine

Finally, configure your fax machine to work properly with your Power-T.38 SIP Trunk. Review our Recommended Fax Machine Settings for details.

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