Mediatrix 4100 Series (4102, 4104, 4108)

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Mediatrix 4100 Series ATA

The Mediatrix 4100 Series features VoIP adaptors that interconnect analog telephones, faxes, and modems into SIP based systems. The Mediatrix 4100 Series allows operators to shorten deployment time and ensure a highly secure environment to enable cloud telephony services into branch offices and SMBs.

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Ensure the Mediatrix 4100 series ATA's firmware is up to date. The minimum required firmware version is revision DGW


SIP Servers

Configure the following under the "SIP - Servers" menu:

  • Registrar Host:
  • Proxy Host:

Be sure to click the "Apply" button.


SIP Registration

Under the "SIP - Registrations" menu, choose the appropriate FXS port and configure the following:

  • User Name: SIP Username
  • Friendly Name: Configure as you like, not mandatory.
  • Register: Set to Enable

Be sure to click the "Apply" button.


SIP Authentication

Under the "SIP - Authentication" menu, choose the appropriate FXS port as the previous step and click the edit icon, then configure the following:

  • Criteria: Set to Endpoint
  • Endpoint: Set to Desired FXS Port (ie: Port 1)
  • Validate Realm: Disable
  • User Name: SIP Username
  • Password: SIP Password

Be sure to click the "Apply" button.



SIP Interop

Under the "SIP - Interop" menu, head to the "SIP Interop" box and configure the following:

Registration Contact Matching: Ignore URI Parameters

Click on the "restart required services" message in order to apply all changes. If the configuration is correct then the Ready green light in the Mediatrix front panel will turn on.


Fax Machine

Finally, configure your fax machine to work properly with your Power-T.38 SIP Trunk. Review our Recommended Fax Machine Settings for details.

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